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Different Architectural Styles

Hassan Fathy and Ramses Wissa were bringing what is Egyptian and national back to the daylight. However, they were fixing a style of building taken from the south to use all over the land. in a country like Egypt, where Egyptian architects have already built multi-story buildings and used different Egyptian vernacular buildings that would differ from a city to a city.

Thebes, Amarna, and New Gurna

These opposite characteristics are clearly reflected in the townhouses in Thebes and the villas and palaces at Amarna, where in the first the land available is precious and limited, in contrast to the vast desert land in the latter

‘Thebes and ‘Amarna, Two capitals quite different in their ideological and physical characters.’ Alexander Badawy

Thebes, already crowded with many-storied houses and mansions along the riverbank. There are features here that mark the house out as very different from those at El Amarna. The dwelling seems to consist of three stories and a roof space. Some of the offices are in the front of the house. The stairway, to all appearance, lies near the entrance, and the ground floor is assigned to servants who make linen, grind corn, etc. The granaries are on the roof, where are also, perhaps, the ovens and the cook’s pantry for meat.

** Amarna where the new boom town was taking place, was erected in the desert where the ground could not have been valuable. The house of Amarna (for one type prevails, varying in detail and arrangement only) is of the bungalow. There were, no doubt, two stories in some, or even in many cases. in the main, it was a garden city and the dwellings of the upper and middle classes were of the bungalow, or at least of the squat type. The entrance leads into an anteroom to the great dining room; the staircase to the roof is well within the house; the granaries, the servants’ quarters, and all offices, including the kitchen, are in the courtyard and separate from the house. The stairway there is available only to the owner and his womenfolk, whereas here servants are ascending in a stream-necessarily, for their occupations are conducted largely on the flat roof.**

New Gurna to be added

Mapping of Egyptian architecture
Mapping of Egyptian architecture

Egyptian construcion art was not limited to these two cities, in the following we work on kisting construcion details and architectural styles in the egyptian house


multi floor building. Egyptian architecture . Egyptian house

Date.Greco-Roman Period Location.Sakha-Kafr el-shiekh Details.This model shows an apartment building of three stories and was given as an offering in a temple, perhapas to ask for protection for the house. the original would have been made in mudbrick. the wave in the walls was deliberated, helping to support the building and to stabilize in the case of earthquakes 2

multi floor house from egypt.Egyptian architecture . Egyptian house

Date. Location. Details. Comment.


egyptian house with shaded roof.Egyptian architecture . Egyptian house

Date. Location. Details. Comment.


.Egyptian architecture . Egyptian house

Date. Location. Details. Comment.


Egyptian house with vigitaion .Egyptian architecture . Egyptian house

Date. Location. Details. Comment.


.Egyptian architecture . Egyptian house
Egyptian house with two Malqaf

Date. Location. Details. Comment. For more information on Egyptian Malqaf please read our article


Egyptian house with 2 floors and portico.Egyptian architecture . Egyptian house

Date. Location. Details. Comment.


Hassan Fathy - cermic factory .Egyptian architecture . Egyptian house

Date. Location. Details. Comment.


1 . Quelle: Facebook. Pic was taken by Enas Eldeeb



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