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Portico in details

portico in ancient Egypt

A portico shall provide cool shade in the long Egyptian summer, an element even if it has become devoid of artistry and has ended up just a rough concrete column,

knowledge about Portico was delivered to us as we were lucky enough to see the Houses of Soul and before we start on the construction details of Portico and their context we dive briefly in how and who found them and where they are today.

Portico in an egyptian house - Leiden Museum

This model was found while walking in the Leiden Museum, in the same period as the museum deformed the face of Tut-Unkh-Amun to fit their events.

Searching for the info after this model took me to Petrie´s soul houses. Provenance: Rifeh. Location: Western Institutions . where I found that there is a list of soul houses besides the one that are repeatedly circulating the social media. The so-called 'Soul houses' are actually a part of a pottery found of 'around 150 pottery models' .

According to the article mentioned here; It was Petrie who decided for the Egyptians that they are called the soul Houses. the egyptian artist didnt speak yet.

portico in ancient Egypt, soul houses in ancient egypt

Document which shows the objects from Rifeh sent to Rochadle in 1907.

In the same article there is a list of the houses and where are they today.

In the language ϧⲉⲛ ϯⲁⲥⲡⲓ

The facade of a columned portico in ancient egyptian language

The facade of a columned portico


While working on the colors of Portico, It came to me for the first time this question: How accessible were colors as a material for the normal Egyptian? answering this question goes beyond the aesthetic of a portico in Egypt. The Answer to this question can touch on the limitations of Art in everyday life in Egypt.

Therefore I started on this course here BLUE: a symposium exploring aspects of life in ancient Egypt

My goal is to gain a new image of colours in Ancient Egypt

''A portico at one end of the courtyard had wooden columns, also brightly painted. Even the flat roof of the portico was painted blue with gold stars on the underside.''2 --Description of a portico within a courtyard


Structure : Thanks to the article on the paper of Dr. Marisol Solchaga understood that there is quite a big range of forms. This diverse range of porticos opens the door for a structural study of the designs left by the Egyptians for the Portico

Orientation: always faced north independently from the orientation of the house1


Material has been always a decision that is made in the first place financially and then artistically.

this remark was first brought to my attention while reading Dr. Badawy on the art of the 18th dynasty during the occupation of the Hyksos in north Egypt

Model of portico in ancient egypt

Ancient Egyptian portico of the Mastaba of Seshemnefer IV (Giza pyramid complex, Egypt)



Porticos are still a common sight in Egyptian villages today. During my visits to the villages surrounding our city, I observed at least two distinct types of porticos. However, I also noticed that many columns lacked decoration or final touches.

It is difficult to ascertain the reasons behind this. While the country's economic situation undoubtedly influences such decisions, I believe that even with affordable materials, homeowners may not prioritize the exterior polishing of their properties. This is an area that warrants further research.

Regrettably, I didn't take photos of the examples I encountered in Egypt. As a result, I plan to compile images from the internet to illustrate these architectural features.


* All pictures shall be linked to the source were it was taken from 1 Architecture in ancient egypt and the near east A.B.

2Arts and Humanities through the Eras: Ancient Egypt Page 45



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